Lucian’s Place

Lucianï ¿ 1/2 s Location – Book Evaluation Lucianï ¿ 1/2 s Place is a tale of improbable proportions, yet so near the possibilities of our own present technologies that it is quite believable. The concept of three people and their instant surroundings (a high-tech self-sustained cattle ranch) being thrown back in time might seem … Read more

MP3 Player Guide

MP3 gamer, likewise well understood as digital audio gamer has actually become a staple of our gadget life. There are numerous brand names of MP3 gamers on the market today. So, which MP3 player are the most suitable for you? That’s where this MP3 player guide can be found in. Generally, there are 3 types … Read more

The Rise Of The Apple iPod

Tony Fadell, previous staff member of General Magic and Phillips, pictured a brand name new MP3 player. Unlike the flash memory-based MP3 gamers from existing business, Fadell wished to deliver a small hard drive-based gamer that was connected with a material delivery system where users might legally obtain and download music. The first business he … Read more

NSlnew 3D VR Eyes is a Virtual Reality Headset, 120 immersive, Light weight, Compact HD VR Glasses with 100% Anti-blue light Radiation lens

About the product: NSlnew 3D VR Eyes is the new Virtual Reality Headset which is 120 degrees Immersive, Lightweight. It comes with Compact HD VR Glasses with 100% Anti-Blue-Light and Radiation Lens. These can be easily mounted or unmounted and the best part of it is that it comes with a BENEFIT Bluetooth Remote Controller. … Read more

Ipod Nano Review

In this age of portable music, the iPod has downloaded itself into the general public consciousnessï ¿ 1/2 where it won’t be leaving any time quickly. Not that we mind. Despite a large pool of credible rivals, such as Sony and Dell, who produce their own slick mp3 devices, the iPod is still the most … Read more