VRidium NEO 3D Virtual Reality Headset – VR Glasses For iPhone & Android

The all new NEO design of 3D Virtual Reality Headset from your house of VRidium is an unique VR Glass that is suitable with every Android and Apple smart devices. The universal compatibility supports devices of screen sizes ranging between 3.5 inches to 6 inches. The headset is extremely lightweight, easy to utilize and setup, comfortable nose padding and cushions, adjustable head straps and customized focus modifications provide a total superb viewing experience. It is very comfortable to use and apt for extended hours of usage. Release your visual experience in virtual reality and enjoy hours of home entertainment in IMAX quality, immersive 3D contents and 360 degree split screen videos and apps.

Item Specs:
Product Brand Name: VRidium
Product Design: NEO
Product Type: 3D Virtual Reality Headset/ VR Glasses
ASIN: B01BS981H0
Product Measurements: 8.5 X 6.3 X 4.5 inches (LBH).
Product Weight: 15.2 ounces.
Field Of Vision (FOV): 90-110 degree.
Price: $39.99.

Item Features:.
The headset shows off high resolution round shaped optical resin lenses. The eight-layer nano covering uses crystal clear and sharp immersive 3D experience. The premium developed is reflected from the smooth outside surface, lightweight yet robust developed product, and comfortable leather padding. The front cover is detachable and enables for better heat dissipation and ventilation to keep your smartphone cool. The wide Field of View (90-110 degree) offers you next generation 3D experience, plus the sharp HD lenses combined with sealed padding uses total darkness while taking pleasure in contents. The multi-level focal adjustment innovation in addition to lateral and range controls make its focus exceptional to the competitors. Neo is the next gen of Google cardboard type VR headsets and works with all Android and Apple gadgets.
The benefits of the product are employed listed below:.
– The exceptional constructed quality of the headset distinguishes it from its rivals like the other cardboards and delicate products.
– The adjustable headband straps, adjustable Focal Range and Pupil Range and breathable nose cushioning makes it simple to utilize and comfortable to use during long hours of movies and video gaming sessions.
– You can download lots of Virtual Reality apps and 3D movies on your mobile phone so regarding take pleasure in the outstanding and immersive experience of VR.
– Includes 100% Risk-free guarantee and client fulfillment is guaranteed.
The disadvantages of the product are enlisted below:.
– To ensure optimum watching experience and efficiency, eliminate the protective plastic film from the lenses and use the cleaning fabric provided to rub and clean the lenses.
– For better watching experience, get rid of the phones cases in case of bigger phones. The headgear is so designed to just fit in the smart device.
– Location your head correctly on the headgear with appropriate alignment and change the focus for better image quality.
Last Thoughts:.
At just $39.99, the VRidium VR Headset takes your virtual reality experience to a next level. It is the future of Entertainment and the VR glasses provide you a terrific consumer experience. The product is now available at a limited timer rates, so order one if you have not yet.


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