NSlnew 3D VR Eyes is a Virtual Reality Headset, 120 immersive, Light weight, Compact HD VR Glasses with 100% Anti-blue light Radiation lens

About the product: NSlnew 3D VR Eyes is the new Virtual Reality Headset which is 120 degrees Immersive, Lightweight. It comes with Compact HD VR Glasses with 100% Anti-Blue-Light and Radiation Lens. These can be easily mounted or unmounted and the best part of it is that it comes with a BENEFIT Bluetooth Remote Controller. It is priced at $15.99 only which makes it a truly economical and worth buy bearing in mind it’s features.

Features: Let’s go through the standard functions of this headset:

1. Futuristic Progressive Style: Keeping behind all those old and boring styles, this VR Headset comes in a really stylish and advanced build-in box that reproduces genuine glasses to set an examples of how great modern 3D VR glasses need to appear like. These VR Glasses weighs just 0.66 lb, compared to other headsets weighing 1.256 pound. They are also sturdy and compact having an adjustable leather strap made from leather and cotton. These devices are Ios and Android friendly that makes them superior in the competition.

2. Top-Notch and Safe Technology- These VR glasses comes with innovative integrated Anti-Blue-Light and Anti-Radiation with a round optical resin, with double convex lens and vacuum ionic finishing. This provides you defense versus digital eye pressure and likewise muscular degeneration. You can delight in top quality visual effect on a personal 120 degrees wide-screen angle with these 3D VR glasses.

3. 3. Unmatched Convenience: The brand-new VR Glasses features magnetic-pull-rod-sucker construct that makes it easy to mount or unmount the mobile phones and likewise prevents from overheating. These 3D Safety glasses have a soft inner silicone lining and accurate eye slots that fits your face without hurting your skin or blocking your view. The independent focal eye change (20-60cm for both eyes) appropriates for people with Myopia.

Description: The VR Headset features a Pull Rod style that helps in keeping the phone ata range from the lenses. By doing this, the phone stays back all the way from the lenses and does not trigger any pain to the eyes. It helps in much better image quality and the also does not let the phone heat at all. The headset is light– weight that makes it comfortable for long wear and travel-friendly. Now, linking your cellular phone to your headset is easy, thanks to the Nano magnet design.This makes the phone safe and secure Patches can be quickly connected or removed from the cellphone too.To achieve appropriate concentrate on the image, the phone case needs to be moved all the way forward, to the sides and far from the screen.

Pros and Cons: The best part of the headset is that it comes with a BENEFIT Bluetooth remote controller which is actually a fantastic news for the players out there. The Pull Rod design keeps the phone in location and keeps it far from the lenses without causing pain to the eyes. The only negative point would be that the headset is a bit heavy compared to other phones.

Final verdict: Priced at $28.99, this is actually one of the most economical headphones in the market.With a lot of awesome functions and a PERK remote controller, this need to be in the dream list of every gaming console.


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